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As an Ogden chiropractor, people often ask how to tell a good chiropractor from a quack.  This question could be asked about any physician or other professional.  Since quackery exists across all professions it's something we should all be careful to avoid.   In this day and age no one gets a degree or license to practice health care without under-going a serious vetting process.  What they do once they get that license is a different story.  Here are some of my thoughts for things to look for and avoid when selecting a chiropractor.

 Avoid chiropractors who:


•  X-ray everyone who walks through the door.

•  make people sign up or commit to a certain amount of visits throughout the year.

•  use scare tactics to commit you to lengthy treatment.

•  use weird devices to assess your back.

•  do not perform a complete history and physical exam of the complaint area.

•  have a financing department.

Look for chiropractors who:


•  take the time to ask lots of questions and do a quality hands on exam (10-30 minutes depending on the complexity).

•  give you a diagnosis and explain what is going on.

•  offer a prognosis with a time frame for getting better.

•  explain different treatment options with their risks and benefits.

•  include rehabilitative/strengthening exercises with treatment.

•  take the time to explain their treatments in a way that makes sense to you

Everyone is unique as is their experience with different chiropractors.  Be sure to take the time to find a chiropractor that will work for you.  Please feel free to contact Clayton Chiropractic with any questions.